About us

About Our Agency

The NEW COSMODELS was established In 2018.


Cemal Keskin and Ehab Al-Ali bought the company and established the new concept. We added a high-level modeling academy to the company where we designed a special education with a history of fashion, a lot of catwalk training, and poses. The education is also about how to work with photographers and all of the light techniques.

As a real model Agency and Model Academy Cosmodels based in Sweden offers access to regional and international models, talent and hostesses for fashion shows, commercials and fashion shoots and events. With fully educated models in catwalk and posing we offer an extensive database and access to the top talented crew.

Cosmodels is born from the combination of the expertise of a group of professionals with over 18 years of experience in the world of both national and international modeling management and with a vision to make a difference in the fashion world.

Meet The Owners

<strong style="color:#000;">Cemal Keskin</strong>

Cemal Keskin


Cemal Keskin Is A professional moralistic person who has been a model in his young life , and got a lot of experience from it . He also have many years experience in management and building different businesses. A strong inspirer and life coach for many top people that have successful carriers in the industry .

<strong style="color:#000;">Ehab Al-Ali</strong>

Ehab Al-Ali


Ehab Al-Ali Is a synonymous with luxury and modernism. A proud, serious designer and artist with a powerful and unique vision. A Designer , stylist and a model coach , represented Sweden in Africa fashion week , Dubai fashion week and Cannes film festival and made 30 fashion shows in Sweden and Europe through the past years.

Our Values

Someting You Need to Know
Everyone has something valuable to offer;

We are a group of down to earth, straight and honest people. We come from all over the world and share the same inspiring vision. Our way of realizing the vision is based on our common non-judgmental values and views. These values form the basis of how we work. Our open and honest culture is based on community, enthusiasm and joy. We work hard but we have fun sametimes.

We are always looking for people who share our positive attitude and our values and values for Cosmodels.

Set a good example;

We believe that leadership and coaching play an important role. We recruit primarily on the basis of attitude and the will, then on the basis of competence and experience. It is about living as one learns, setting a good example and being a source of inspiration for one another. Trusting each other, being positive, and looking forward inspires everyone to contribute to continued development.

Living with a humble attitude will help you get a more realistic view of things and people around you.

Give and take responsibility;


We believe in strengthening and developing people. Both by giving appreciation but also receiving. Trusting each other and being positive is the key to success. So as you want to be treated, treat others. All words uttered have a meaning, so be careful with what you say. A word can hurt more than you think. We believe that everyone has a shared responsibility for your and Cosmodel's success.

There are important things in life that are worth fighting for and you should always try to improve.

Protecting people and our society;

We want to drive positive change in the model industry and create opportunities for everyone. We want to see that everyone can succeed regardless of ethnicity and background. We do not want to create models according to someone's template, we want to create a template for the society. We believe and want the fashion / advertising industry to portray reality and not paint a pink world.

There are important things in life that are worth fighting for and you should always try to improve.


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